The Google Cloud’s Virtual Experience Center, devised by Digital Jalebi- A case study

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3 min readFeb 16, 2022


Google has always been at the forefront of technology and how it can impact the world. The virtual experience center for Google Cloud was created combining expertise and knowledge of design, experiential technology, visualization, and user experience; with an aim to create a unique experience on the web for the audience, it is all set to focus on what lies ahead.

Problem Statement

Google offers world-class cloud solutions for organizations across the globe. They wanted a platform that would help Google Cloud India spread awareness about their solutions in a personalized manner to different target groups.

Our Solution

Digital Jalebi conceptualized, designed & developed a Virtual Experience Center for Google Cloud India that provides a complete overview of Google Cloud’s offerings through narrative-driven interactive demos.


The project had three aspects :

  • Conceptualization
  • Visualization
  • Development


After intensive brainstorming sessions and rounds of research in close collaboration with Google Cloud’s technical and marketing team, we focused on understanding and bridging the gaps that needed to be addressed.

The DJ team explored the idea of creating a virtual space for Google Cloud having different islands, each depicting different scenarios and solutions offered to help end-customers achieve their goals.

Interactive demos were designed to allow people to explore the offerings and help potential customers understand how to solve their cloud challenges.

Source : Google Cloud Virtual Experience Center


Keeping in mind the aesthetic design language of Google, the design team prepared various storyboards to explain the use cases and underlying technologies around Cloud offerings.

Following an iterative design process, several mock-ups and prototypes were prepared. A key aspect of the project was to design a user experience that was simple and fast while keeping it web-friendly.

Source : Google Cloud Virtual Experience Center


The Google cloud wanted the platform to be fast, responsive, robust, and visually appealing for providing an immersive experience to the user.

Since it was high-on-interaction platform with many animations and graphics, the design team had to ensure that every aspect was optimized for different browsers and devices. All the visual modules developed were smooth in rendering and were lightweight in terms of loading from the internet.DJ team did a lot of experimentation to arrive at the most optimal way of achieving the desired experience.

The platform was deployed on Google Cloud servers for easy accessibility. We also enabled detailed analytics to help the Google Cloud India team understand the usage pattern of the target market.


The virtual experience center as a whole has become a key part of our client’s account-based marketing strategy. It also acts as a central repository for demos and resources and for getting in touch with googlers for workshops and project discussions.

For us, this has been another milestone and approval that great digital solutions can bring positive value addition to businesses. The key ingredient to any such solution is a fine balance between understanding the business goals, conceptualization, strategy formulation, and design iteration.

Our team can also help you create powerful experiential solutions to achieve your business goals.

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