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Virtual Event Solutions By Digital Jalebi
  • Flexibility and Customization are the two prime components we keep in mind while developing any of our solutions. As a result the whole layout of the space, avatars, and interactiveness of the platform can be customized to best fit the requirements.
  • The ability to network with industry professionals is a fundamental part of any event, and we offer one-on-one talks to achieve this in the virtual realm.We ensure that dialogue feels significantly more real and natural with the use of Hyper-Realistic animated Avatars, which helps attendees connect better, just like at a physical event.
  • When it comes to engaging attendees, this virtual space can be strategically filled with multiple, plug & play interactive activities which can be learning tools, demos, interactive videos, photo booths etc.
  • A unique feature of our platform is easy integration with WebAR which allows attendees to not only learn about new products but also get a hands-on product experience at home.
  • Each event instance is thoroughly load tested, security audited and extensively user tested to ensure a glitch-free and delightful user experience. We also test and make sure the web page or app is accessible on all the devices, across regions.



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Digital Jalebi

Digital Jalebi

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